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Nrf2 Regulates ALL 3,000 Survival Genes 
Revolutionary Breakthrough Science for ALL Disease Mechanism Protein and Enzyme Production!

Everything that eats has to go to the bathroom, including our body cells, and every cell that lives on oxygen has the byproduct free radical - superoxide.  Dr McCord's Nrf2 activation formula is clinically proven to reduce oxidative stress an average of 40% in just 30 days.

There is preeminent science behind this product for general health across the board and we don't make outrageous health claims for any particular disease.  We are just sharing the true science so you can connect the dots for yourself.  And we absolutely admit to you that we know very well how all of our other lifestyle choices, mental, nutritional and physical, also play as factors on the health or dis-ease (life and death) of every individual.  So no one should ever make any outrageous health claims, even when they have such a revolutionary breakthrough as we do have with Nrf2 activation.

Here on this page, you don't have to take our word for it - you can do your own due diligence and discover for yourself the same results.  The videos below bring the studies to life for you in simple lay terms, and the links to the actual studies published in medical journals are made available (further down below) for you and your doctors reference.

Another point is that this page is only to be made available by word of mouth!  The videos below are NOT promoted to the public through any special marketing service, other than word of mouth 'direct marketing'.  In fact, they are un-published on the YouTube channel we have linked them from, meaning you must have a personal invitation to have been sent to this page and we plan to keep it that way.  Word of mouth is the best!

Before you press 'Play', be prepared to increase your level of intelligence and empowerment.

Dr McCord explains the significance of the studies:

#1 - Dr McCord at SeaChange

Nrf2 activation increases the efficiency and functionality of the life process of the cells - especially white blood cells and lymphocytes (your immune system).  Listen very close to what Dr Joe McCord says about that on this SeaChange video.  If this is your first time learning about this, your understanding is increasing.  Knowledge = Power!

How does your head feel?  It just had a good workout - because it just climbed a mountain of new science!  It's a good workout even for a doctor, and it's very important to share these with any doctor who is part of influencing you or anyone you care about.

While there is much, much more to share, as this was only the very beginning and many more studies have been published since then, each one revealing a mountain of new science.  Take some time to savor the beautiful new views at the top of each mountain.  Each video is like climbing another mountain of new science.  Take a break and rest your head between climbs!

You are getting just a small glimpse of what's ahead - still only seeing the tip of the iceburg.  If you're teachable and think you can wrap your head around the science behind the 'little golden pill', then decide now on a plan when you'll watch the five videos below.  You can do it, especially if you plan for it, success is ahead!

Do you have love for yourself and love for your brothers and sisters?  Actions speak louder than words.  If knowledge is power, get ready to become empowered, and with great power comes great responsibility.  Before you had the answers, when someone was sick, all you had to do was feel sorry for them.  After you have the answers, it's a different ball game.  Everyone who has been warned is responsible for warning their neighbor.  The first people who understand this have the option to lead the rest in empowerment.

There's a big difference between information vs experience.  If you haven't attended a live business meeting yet, we invite you to a live event as nothing beats fun, loving interaction of the live human experience.

#2 - Dr McCord at Elite Academy - June 2010

#3 - Dr McCord at Elite Academy - October 2010

#4 - Dr McCord at Elite Academy - January 2011

#5 - Dr McCord at Convention - April 2011

#6 - Dr McCord at Elite Academy - October 2011

According to the #6 video of Dr McCord on the worlds largest gene database, called Ingenuity, Nrf2 makes it possible for all your cells to produce your 3,000 survival (disease mechanism) proteins and enzymes, such as SOD, at the right levels again - as you were doing from the time you were a healthy new born baby to a healthy 20 year old.

The problem is, Nrf2 stops regulating your 3,000 survival genes more and more after 20 years old, because it is held outside the nucleus by a malfunction.  And since our genes are in the nucleus, without Nrf2, the 3,000 of the 23,000 that make up the human genome (the 3,000 that regulate all the disease mechanisms, like inflammation and oxidative stress), start producing at levels that are over or under where they should be.  Just like the magnetic fields hold all the billions of compass needles in the world to magnetic north, without which they would randomly point any direction.  That's another example of what Nrf2 does (switched on) or doesn't do (switched off) to our disease mechanism genes (each responsible for the production of a protein or enzyme), which give the cells the ability to function properly.

This is a major revolutionary breakthrough, but not the entire solution to the health problems humanity faces.  It's important to acknowledge that everything else we think, say, or do wrong, also initiates every disease mechanism we've ever studied.  Well, Nrf2 is what regulates the mechanisms genetically, and we are still responsible for thinking, saying and doing the right things (living a healthy lifestyle) which no one on earth can guarantee results without taking your free agency (freedom to choose) away.  Still, do you think it's easier to think, say, and do things right while your genes are expressed and tuned right?  Would it help you live a healthier lifestyle, if you had more energy or felt more like a 20 year old?

You will learn so much the first time you watch them.  We invite you to watch them over and over again!  You will learn more the second time watching than you did the first, and more the third than you did the second time!

Here's the quick links which you can copy and paste into an email or even a text message:

#1 - Dr McCord at SeaChange

#2 - Dr McCord at Elite Academy - June 2010

#3 - Dr McCord at Elite Academy - October 2010

#4 - Dr McCord at Elite Academy - January 2011

#5 - Dr McCord at Convention - April 2011

#6 - Dr McCord at Elite Academy - October 2011

Some quick questions and answers for you:
Is it simple?  Yes, just one little golden pill per day.
Is it affordable?  Yes, it's very affordable at $40 per bottle for a month supply.
Is it safe?  Yes, the formula includes five natural ingredients, which have thousands of years of human experience with no side-effects.  It does not negate the effects of any drugs, since it doesn't use the same pathways.  Be prepared to work closely with your doctor if you're taking ANY medications, because any time you increase the level of your health, you may need to start weaning off of other medications.

Diseases are named according to where the cells don't work (location), who discovered it (they want credit for it), and how it effects that part of the body - so ask yourself this key question:  Does it really matter what the disease is called?  You may want to think about this for a minute - if all of your cells are healthy, are you healthy or sick?  This is why we have such a positive attitude towards Nrf2 activation - it works with the life process of the cells.  There are many major universities, world-wide, who have voluntarily taken on the task of performing their own peer-reviewed clinical studies on Dr McCord's scientific formula.  Several have been completed and several more are being completed as you are reading this.  This Nrf2 activation science is preeminent.

Backed by six proprietary patents, which have been granted by the government, not just 'patent pending'.  This means the government has recognized through the scientific evidence that these results can not be achieved by any of the individual ingredients, and that it's only possible to obtain these results through the special synergy of Dr McCord's formula.

Due to the nature of life and death diseases that people are faced with, no health claims are intended or implied.  However, we are in a very unique and powerful position because of all the independent case studies.  We're able to invite you watch the videos and have your doctors watch and read, because they will actually tell you things that we don't have the freedom to share with you here.  That's how powerful the studies are!  You may take the time to read the case studies to discover the scientific conclusions and facts for yourself - just be warned that they aren't a very easy read and Dr McCord explains each of them in simple lay terms as you watch the videos above.  Simply watch the videos and see what Nrf2 activation does!

The following studies, published in medical journals, are not easy for the lay public to read through, however they are available as an important reference for you and establish very strong science you can depend on.

2009 Luisiana State Peer-Reviewed Study 

"Oxidative stress is an important contributor to                development."
"The association between chronic inflammation and                is now well established."
"One important mechanism of inflammation-induced                is due to oxidative stress."
"Each of the five ingredients of _________ shows                          effects and other activities."

2009 Independent VCU Heart Study (pdf) 


Although this study published by the American Heart Association reveals the most powerful results we've ever seen for the #1 killer, Heart Failure, they have not done much of anything at all to promote it.  It has been said that even peer-reviewed studies are very political.  If the company that produces the product isn't at least helping to fund the study, they don't usually publish the name of nutritional supplements as this one does, because these organizations are also massively funded by the big pharma.

This study deserves to be on the front cover of every magazine and at the forefront of every television news broadcast, world wide.  Yet, even though it was published by the #1 recognized authority on Heart Failure, most cardiologists still haven't ever heard of it, 10 years later!!!

Pulmonary hypertension is a health condition characterized by high blood pressure in the circulation between the heart and lungs and can result in death due to right heart failure.  Animals pre-treated with Dr McCord's formula experienced strong cardioprotective effects.  

2010 Muscular Dystrophy Study 

2010 Louisiana State Peer-Reviewed Study 

2011 Ohio State University Peer-Reviewed Human Blood Vessel Study - and Press Release (pdf) 

"The lowering of C-reactive protein.  C-reactive protein is widely considered by doctors and researchers as an indicator of the amount of inflammation present in the body."

So there you have it.  Again, you are responsible for your own health.  We disclaim liability for anything these scientific case studies may say about specific diseases.  True wisdom says with the infinite amount of variables that exist in nature, we are all independantly responsible for our own health.  No one will know exactly what specific health benefits you will recieve, until you put it to the "acid test" for yourself.  We believe that your results will speak much louder to you than anything we could say anyway.

Also, if it's someone's time to go, it's the time for them to go.  Whether they suffer or not while they are alive, that's another question.  Dr West believes no one is meant to suffer.  We are meant to learn.  If through our suffering we learn from it, at least it's not in vein (for nothing).  We are meant to thrive, as long as we're alive.  We can't claim credit for any miracles, because we didn't create the body.  When the conditions of health are met, the body heals itself.

Knowledge increases faith, because it's an intelligent force.  As long as people are living, they are learning, one way or another.  The sooner we get it right, the better.

The most revolutionary discoveries we've ever seen!  If you're not willing to settle for less in life, this is for you.

Either we learn or we suffer, and no one is meant to suffer.  We are meant to raise our intelligence and discover how powerful we really are!

When our time is up, it's up, but between now and then, we're meant to thrive while we're alive.  This is one of life's main lessons and it's so simple, too many people overlook it.  You are about to learn how it's possible for people just like you to change your life and you too may live a rich, high performance, happy, healthy, and wonderful life.

This science supports the belief that your body was created to heal itself, by divine design.  Are you ready to experience what Nrf2 activation will do for you and your loved ones?

If not this, what?  Nothing.  If not now, when?  Never.

Our dynamic plan makes it possible for the average person to both save and make money while helping others.  It's our firm belief that we are blessed with success as we help others achieve it.

First, we invite you to attend a FREE live overview and join our team of beautiful, smart, and healthy people.

Take action NOW!  This material will be here for you, but contact us and get help with an action plan to change your life for the better!  Most money problems aren't even money problems!  There are other things that come first!  Come to a LIVE meeting and get help from your true friends!  Empowerment is why we're here!

This is a leadership development and empowerment company!  We're looking to help thousands of people like you go from employee to business/franchise owner, from coast to coast, and around the globe.  You have the right hardware, it's just a matter of having a teachable mindset and love in your heart.  That's what true friendship is all about.  Come meet a new growing family of true friends!

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