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2-08-12 Dr Phil interviews Donny Osmond who reveals his health secret - Protandim!  (Half way through.)

(Starting at 01:00) - Dr. Phil - "So where do you get the energy?  I mean seriously, I mean look at you!  We've known each other a long time, we've passed, you don't ever get older.

Donny - "Well thank you!  It's quite funny because, you know people are kind of shocked when they hear that I'm 54 years old and they say, 'How do you keep your youth?'  I have found something Dr Phil that I think is the closest thing to the fountain of youth. 

Dr. Phil - "You do have a secret."

Donny - "I have a secret and I've never really talked about it.  I've been doing this for the last two years.  It's called Protandim and it works.  I'm telling everybody about this.

Dr. Phil - "You feel differently."

Donny - "I do."

Dr Phil - "Cause you're running around like a chicken with your head cut off."

Donny - "Yea."

Dr Phil - "But I mean, you're hitting the times - you're getting to where you're supposed to beu need to be."

Donny - "I have to be on the spot all the time."

More and more people, along with celebrities like Donny Osmond and Montel Williams, have made the switch to Protandim as they discovered it actually does what it's supposed to do, safely and effectively.

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