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With such a big focus on oxidative stress, redox signaling, and Nrf2 activation the past fifteen years, many scientists agree that they are the biggest factors in the aging vs regeneration process.  Even some of the biggest name brand companies which most people have known to sell products that make you sick are now claiming to be putting antioxidants in those same products.  Unfortunately, they are putting in the wrong type of anti-oxidants.

Science has busted another MYTH! 

Too many companies profit from a myth.  Stop wasting your money on that myth!

Over 99.9% of all products which claim to have an antioxidant benefit DO NOT!

How can you tell if you have purchased products that don't really have an antioxidant benefit?

Is it based on the 'Orac Scale'?

If you answered yes, what is the 'Orac' rating?  Some of the highest are still way below 50,000.  Even if you had a big bottle of product that is rated up to 100,000 on the 'Orac Scale' (let's be extra generous and cover them all), you would still have to drink 10 of them per second to keep up with one molecule of SOD!

We hope you can begin to see some of the obvious side effects from trying to solve the problem the wrong way.  Your body simply was not designed to solve the problem with 'direct anti-oxidants' = 'Orac Scale' = 1 to 1 ratio, then they are depleted, used up, like a team player that can only score one single point, then you have to replace them.

Your body was designed to solve oxidative stress at a 1,000,000 per second to every 1 single molecule of a super anti-oxidant enzyme, produced by your own cells.  This is like a team player that can score a million points per second, no matter how long the game lasts.

Hmmm...  Which team player do you want to recruit?

How much do these team players cost?

The great new is, it only costs 1/2 to 1/3 to 1/4 of what the top players that don't win the game cost!  That's right!  Only $50!

Now you can answer another big question, how much would it cost you to drink that big bottle at 10 bottles per second?  We know it seems wrong already, but do the math and you'll discover some great savings ahead by making a very wise choice.  Just add a zero to the above numbers, and that's how much it would cost, per second, to equal only one single molecule of SOD.

Hmmm...  Which team player do you want to recruit?

So if you purchase a shake that happens to have only 5,000 direct antioxidants (most of them don't even have this much), you would have to drink 200 of those shakes per second to try to keep up with one molecule of SOD.  This is another reason why there is not one single 'Orac' rated product that has even one peer-reviewed clinical study published that shows any positive effects as an anti-oxidant period.

Are you sold yet?  If this does not convince you, we recommend you continue to use whatever else is on the market that you feel good about and we can still be friends.  Just know we warned you, as we do our friends.

With Nrf2 shutting off more and more, from 20 years on, by the time most people reach their mid 40's they're typically beginning to experience and noticing some real aging issues.

According to the study published in Free Radical Biology & Medicine (the #1 authority on oxidative stress), Dr McCord's original 13 year old formula is clinically proven to reduce oxydative stress an average of 40% in 30 days.  In other words, in 30 days, 100% of everybody (including an 80 year old) is returned to the oxidative stress levels of a healthy new born or healthy 20 year old.

Just because you get your current, at present, oxidative stress level reduced an average of 40% (at the healthy level) doesn't mean you'll be completely out of the woods in 30 days.  It can take six to seven months or longer for some people to really begin to see some of the long term positive effects of even the most effective Nrf2 activation formula.  Dr Stephen West said, "I understood it so I stuck with it and over time the very subtle results become more and more obvious."

Quote from Dr West, "The first 3 months of being on the product, I noticed an subtle increase of energy, little by little, had built up and I was feeling really good.  Missing a meal two or three times a week (or more) went almost un-noticed as I was traveling and very busy.  During a lunch break in the middle of a Saturday workshop in Huntington Beach, CA, someone asked me if I was hungry and I said, 'Not really' and it was then that I realized it had been 24 hours since I had eaten anything.  Blood sugar levels still felt stable.  This was a first!

I've always believed in leading by example and I've done my best to stay healthy by living in alignment with the pure laws and principles of nature - with as little supplements as possible.  Since I'd never been on any nutritional supplement every single day for more than 3 months in my entire life, this was sort of a big deal to me.  My body wasn't rejecting the product at all, but I thought I'd go off the product for about a week, just as an experiment, to see if I would crash or if I would be able to actually maintain the abundance of energy without physically taking the product anymore.

My energy levels didn't crash when I got off the product, but I just slowly felt my energy levels go back to what they were before taking it, so I got back on the product again and.noticed greater results between the 3 to 6 month period than the first 3 month period.

Dr McCord's product has certainly made life easier for me and no single nutritional supplement has had a more positive impact on my health."

There are many other success stories pouring in around the country as it has applications for the entire spectrum if health issues.

Nrf2 activation works differently than anything you've ever experienced or studied yet it's no suprise to find a few other companies claiming to have products that do the same exact thing, (just because they have milk thistle, green tea, or tumeric) and even quoting the science of Dr McCord, when they don't have Dr McCord's formula, so the results are not the same.

And who wants to recommend a competitors product with chlorxxxxxx water and xxxx as it's ingredients, without having the human experience (even decades) to validate any safety!  Some competitors have no idea what the long term negative health effects of that product are.  Why take unnecessary risks?

Meanwhile, the individual herbs in our formula have thousands of years of human experience and not any known negative effects at the low dosage of one little pill per day and that's all it takes to activate Nrf2 again!

That doesn't mean that they have given their body a chance to regenerate it's weak spots yet.

It takes greater understanding than most people currently have to transition back to health, because most people have a low performance paradigm.  Occasionally, people who have this low performance paradigm ask, "Do you mean I have to take a pill every day for the rest of my life?"  We simply say, "No.  You don't have to age like a healthy 20 year old for the rest of your life."

For those of us who are willing to choose a high performance paradigm, it's a great blessing and gift, not a burden, to have the freedom to choose and to make the choice to live a healthier life, for the rest of our lives.  Especially when it comes in the simplicity and ease of one little golden pill per day.

Some people may need to be on the product for 6 to 12 months before they see what Nrf2 activation is doing for them.  Part of that is the education they continue to have and part of it can be the results they continue to have, some of which they may have not experienced within the first month.  Athletes and sick people seem to notice the results the fastest, because they need it the most.

'It's a very subtle product and the most subtle things are the most powerful things.'  Dr West

Before you try to muscle test a Nrf2 activation product, get educated first!  Since this is a whole new way to solve problems, the subconscious won't automatically give the right answers as it may products based on principles most people have been familiar with for decades, or longer.  The results of muscle testing (kinesiology) depend on our subconscious understanding, so get educated first, then you'll get more accurate answers.

People can get wrong answers with muscle testing when they are use to testing very different products, many of which give a faster and bigger 'energy boost' up front, but still don't have the subtle, yet more powerful long term results as many Nrf2 activation benefits require.  And although some people do, most people don't get dramatic results right away with Nrf2 activation.  Still, use wisdom and your experience will teach you that it's understanding the more subtle things that can give you the greatest long term results.

Nrf2 activation is a brand new area of science, so we've made the videos of Dr Joe McCord available for you for FREE.  Using simple and easy examples to understand, he explains the science of the very first studies published.

A persons beliefs strongly effect the results they get during muscle testing.  Would you believe a person with lots of experience muscle testing, yet who is unwilling to further educate themselves on the new Nrf2 activation science (thus ignorant), more than Harvard, University of Colorado, LSU, VCU, and The American Heart Association, along with about 9,000 other peer-reviewed clinical studies, published in medical journals - available on

You may encounter people with some sort of science background, who talk to a professor, or other doctor, who isn't up to speed on this brand new Nrf2 activation science, who say, "These studies are very political".  And to that we agree!  In fact, only 23 of the 9,000 Nrf2 studies currently available on actually mention the name of Dr McCord's formula.  The fact is, if the company isn't partly funding the study, they don't have to mention the name of the product they're using, even if it is entirely Dr McCord's formula they are using as the Nrf2 activator

Several of these studies are partly funded by government grants.  Make no mistake, the peer-review clinical studies are the gold standard of medical science and they are very expensive.  The peer-reviewed clinical studies you see published in medical journals typically take 5 to 10 years to complete, just to give you some perspective on where we are in the grand timeline, we have only just begun.

We're talking about patching the biggest hole in the bottom of our boat and the biggest contributor to the aging process as a whole oxidative stress.  If you're not willing to plug the biggest hole in your boat, why plug any of them?

Dr West says, "I recommend you study the science for yourself - it's revolutionary!  It's changing the way people are thinking about solving their health problems forever!  If you think it's expensive, think again.  This product has saved me money on the cost of food alone and suprise health care costs are the #1 cause of bankrupcy"

Here's some questions to ask yourself:

How much money do you spend each month on food?
(After 3 months Dr West noticed that the money savings from food alone was more than paying for the one bottle per month.  He believes his digestive tract has been bringing in more nutrition from less food.  He is a Doctor of Lymphology and the digestive tract is lined with much more lymph nodes than any other part of the body.)  Dr Royal in Las Vegas has also validated less nutritional deficiencies in blood tests with the formula.

How much money are you spending on other so called antioxidants that don't work?

How would you feel about tuning your survival genes like a healthy new born to healthy 20's?

If not this, what?  Nothing.  If not now, when?  Never.

Will you begin to take the necessary steps for yourself, right now, to get started?  Need to ask a spouse?  Better prepare them with the education first!  Relationships are built on agreements and trust from being up front and honest.  These agreements may change over time as our awareness changes, which is a healthy sign.  Genuine caring of our 'loved ones' well being is a basic natural occurance with healthy relationships.  Likely, if you are in a healthy relationship, and you communicate with love and understanding, you will find your partner will support your decision in this.  If by chance your partner does not support you in this, Dr West says, "If you get sick, you suffer, not them."  You may have to make that clear to them if they don't side with you.

Need more proof of science?  No problem!  Watch the videos of Dr Joe McCord revealing the science in simple lay terms.

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