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In 2005, ABC invested millions in their time and money on this investigative report.

Free radicals play a leading role in the aging process and SOD eradicates the free radicals.

Some terms to remember:

Superoxide Radical = The Free Radical
SOD = Superoxide Dismutase

There are over 180,000 studies available at on 'oxidative stress' involving all kinds of different diseases since Dr McCord discovered SOD over 45 years ago.  Most of these studies were done just the last 10 years.  This ultimately leads you to Nrf2 activation!

Education is key with this life saving business opportunity.  The more you learn, the more you will want to learn.  There has never been such strong science to back up a nutritional supplement as Nrf2 Activation and as you begin to understand beauty of how it works, it captures attention.

Access the independent clinical studies and watch Dr McCord explain the scientific medical research in simple lay terms.

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